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Final Report to the General Assembly: the Maryland Workforce Development System


Appendix I

3.  Adopt the following narrative:

Identify Inefficiencies within the State’s Own Workforce Development Delivery System: The Governor’s Workforce Development Board (GWIB) is in a unique position to investigate the possible sources of efficiency savings in the delivery of the State’s own workforce development system. In the current State budget climate, as resources become more limited, redundancy across agencies in the State’s use of personnel and other resources should be eliminated. With that goal in mind, GWIB is directed to produce a report and make specific recommendations for efficiency savings in State agencies related to the State’s workforce development delivery system. This report shall be submitted by September 1, 2003, to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), Department of Legislative Service, and the following agencies involved in workforce development:

  • Department of Aging;
  • Department of Human Resources – Family Investment Administration;
  • Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation – Division of Employment and Training;
  • State Department of Education;
  • Maryland Higher Education Commission;
  • Department of Business and Economic Development; and
  • Department of Juvenile Justice.

DBM and the named agencies are directed to provide State workforce data and information to GWIB and to participate as requested by the GWIB in the production of this report.

Information Request Author Due Date
Recommendations for State Workforce Development Efficiency Savings GWIB September 1, 2003