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Resources - Governor's Workforce Development Board (GWDB)

ResourcesMaryland’s public workforce development system is a publicly funded, comprehensive, aligned system that trains workers for current and future employment. This system includes education and training, from the K-16 system to re-employing retired seniors and every employment stage in between, and is geared towards meeting the needs of business. Integrated into this system of training is also the support services needed for workers, such as daycare and transportation services. The system is essential to filling the skill gap between those people that need employment, incumbent workers in need of training and businesses that need skilled employees. A successful public workforce development system is at the heart of any successful economic development policy

In Maryland, as in other states, local workforce investment areas (LWIA) and their local boards serve as the primary coordinator for the provision of workforce services. The LWIAs are required to coordinate services with local Job Service offices, twenty-four departments of social services, the sixteen community colleges, state-operated rehabilitation services and adult literacy programs. Local delivery of services is funded by the federal government, the state, and by some local government contributions. Eight partner state agencies also oversee components of federal and state workforce programs in Maryland.

The GWDB's mission is to ensure the system is aligned with the economic and educational goals of the State of Maryland and results in a qualified workforce that meets the needs of Maryland's employers. This is accomplished by, among other things, coordinating with its partner agencies, making Maryland a cutting-edge state when it comes to its workforce system. This coordination encompasses economic development, the preK-16 educational system, social services and labor. The workforce development system has made great strides to meet the needs of business by helping incumbent workers upgrade their skills and coordinating resources to help job seekers attain the skills they need to work in industries facing significant shortages. This effort is accomplished through legislative mandates, such as the Workforce Investment Act, the across-the-board support of Maryland's educational system and the commitment and dedication of workforce, economic development and education professionals to develop a seamless workforce system.

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